Carbon Reduction

Want to measure and reduce your carbon footprint? Need help understanding where to focus your reduction efforts and to communicate your story?
We’re here to help!

We’ve trained thousands of businesses
in understanding their footprint
and where to start reducing

Measurement is important, but actions speak louder than words. Having a robust reduction plan in place is increasingly required to retain contracts, and demonstrate to customers that you’re taking climate change seriously. 

Carbon Neutral is no longer good enough, and clearly communicating the changes you’ve made is key. 

Our process allows you to
meet supply chain requirements,
lead your industry,
and get on with running your business

1. Measure

Using simple tools and language, we gather data to measure your total carbon footprint across all parts of your business. We align to GHG protocol and SBTI best practices.

2. Reduction Plan

Once the hotspots of emissions in your business are identified, we produce a practical, simple plan of action for you to start reducing. All of our plans are aligned with SBTI and PPN06/21. 

3. Support & Report

Your team is left with tools to empower them to engage your suppliers and customers to join you on your journey, as well as transparently report on your progress so far. 

Bespoke Support for Your Business

We work with 30+ consultants to deliver projects based on your needs. 

Every company is different and we ensure you get the best advice from the right people most appropriate to you. Our expert carbon consultants also cover topics such as B-Corp accreditation, Built Environment, SBTI submissions, Circular Economy and more. Whatever your need, we can help.

Consulting Packages




Get your carbon footprint, and a bespoke carbon reduction plan too, all delivered as an easy to follow document for internal and external use. 

All supplied in line with SBTi, PPN0621 formats as needed. 

Detailed Carbon Footprint

Bespoke Carbon
Reduction Plan




Go beyond your footprint and lead your industry. 

Our “Lead” package includes PR support and a Sustainability Story written for you, putting you at the bleeding edge of your industry. 

Detailed Carbon Footprint

Bespoke Carbon
Reduction Plan

Sustainability Page
written for you


Press Release



up front

+ £1,500


Need hands-on support? Our monthly retainer gives you our experts to get the work done for you, letting you focus on your business. 

Detailed Carbon Footprint

Bespoke Carbon
Reduction Plan

Sustainability Page
written for you


Press Release

Regularly Updated Marketing Materials

Supply Chain Engagement 

Breakdown of Services

We measure your full footprint across all 3 Scopes to GHG standard. We provide transparency over the data with any caveats or gaps with templates that make it easy for you to report on progress in coming years with, or without us. 

From you, we’ll need data about your organisation

Having a plan to reduce is just as important as measuring, and we provide practical and appropriate reduction plans tailored to your organisation. All guidance is ranked by what has the most carbon impact with the greatest carbon savings.

You’ll get a pre-written page which showcases your journey so far: what you’ve achieved; what you’re actively working on, and your plans for the future. 

Don’t worry about having to write up lengthy, dull documentation – we can do it for you and turn it into an exciting branded story to be proud of.

From BCorp to Net Zero, Future Fit, Carbon Neutral, BSI, SBTI, ISOs…it can all get a bit overwhelming. We’ll provide a list of recommended and appropriate certifications to go for and ensure your carbon report aligns to accelerate any applications. 

Want to celebrate your sustainability plans? You’ll get a press release to the industry telling your story of what you’ve done so far and your leadership in the industry.

We understand that keeping on top of Sustainability progress can be challenging amongst everything else in your business. 

Through monthly check-ins, you’ll get ongoing support to keep you on the right track and we’ll update your sustainability story for you, ensuring your credentials are always as good as they can be.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing your carbon footprint can be bringing your supply chain partners with you. Using our tools and tested approaches, we’ll engage with your supply chain for you to get them started on their journey and inspire them to action, accelerating your decarbonisation too. 

Why Act?


65% of UK consumers think about the environmental impact of the items they buy

36% of UK consumers often or always choose brands with good sustainability credentials

55% of consumers demand more information on social, health, environmental and safety issues

89% of consumers trust a brand more or the same if they admitted challenges


PPN0621 – It was implemented in 2021, and established requirements for suppliers to have carbon reduction plans in place and to regularly report their emissions to win major government contracts. As large companies need to cut their carbon footprint to comply with this policy notice, they’ll need to start reducing their emissions from their supply chain, so they’ll increasingly opt for net zero suppliers.

NHS & Corporate Customers – As part of this policy, for example, it has been announced that by 2030, suppliers will only be able to qualify for NHS contracts if they regularly report their carbon emissions and demonstrate their progress towards net zero

SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) – It requires quoted companies, large unquoted companies, and large LLPs to disclose their energy use and emissions in their annual reports. This typically targets companies with more than £36m in turnover, but as with PPN0621, you may lose out on business if you don’t reduce your carbon footprint to meet these large corporations’ new emissions requirements as part of their supply chain.

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