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Our purpose

Limiting the global increase in temperatures to 1.5℃, as set out by the 2015 Paris Agreement, is a monumental task. That’s why businesses of all sizes urgently need to pitch in and do their bit to reduce their emissions.

Cutting your carbon footprint won’t just benefit the planet, though —  it’s also becoming necessary for the success of your business. As new legislation is increasingly requiring companies to cut their Scope 3 emissions, which includes their supply chain, you may lose out on business if you don’t commit to reducing your carbon footprint.

What’s more, by minimising your impact on the environment, you’ll unlock a whole new customer base. 65% of UK consumers think about the environmental impact of the items they buy, and 36% of UK consumers often or always choose brands with good sustainability credentials.

However, most of the advice on carbon reduction for businesses is directed towards larger corporations, despite the fact that over 99% of the businesses in the UK are SMEs.

That’s where we come in. At Small99, we provide small businesses in the UK with custom carbon consulting to help reduce your emissions.

Our mission? To guide 1 million micro businesses to net zero by 2025.

We’ve already helped thousands of SMEs get started on this journey — and yours could be next! 

What carbon measurement legislation could I be impacted by?

As the UK works towards its target of reaching net zero by 2050, a number of laws which could affect your business have been passed in recent years. These include:


PPN0621, which was implemented in 2021, established requirements for suppliers to have carbon reduction plans in place and to regularly report their emissions to win major government contracts. As large companies need to cut their carbon footprint to comply with this policy notice, they’ll need to start reducing their emissions from their supply chain, so they’ll increasingly opt for net zero suppliers.

NHS & Corporate Customers

As part of this policy, for example, it has been announced that by 2030, suppliers will only be able to qualify for NHS contracts if they regularly report their carbon emissions and demonstrate their progress towards net zero.


SECR stands for Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting. It requires quoted companies, large unquoted companies, and large LLPs to disclose their energy use and emissions in their annual reports. This typically targets companies with more than £36m in turnover, but as with PPN0621, you may lose out on business if you don’t reduce your carbon footprint to meet these large corporations’ new emissions requirements as part of their supply chain.


The TCFD, or Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, aims to help large corporations understand the financial risks they will face in the coming years due to climate change. Though this again is unlikely to directly affect your SME, you could well be impacted by the knock-on effects of larger businesses seeking to reduce their vulnerability to climate-related risks.

Council grant requirements

To be eligible for certain grants, you may need to demonstrate your efforts to reduce your emissions. For example, to win Scottish Enterprise grants, you need to have a net zero plan in place or at least commit to implementing one in the next year. Many of these guidelines are being copied by local authorities and business support groups, so you soon may need to meet these requirements in order to ensure your eligibility for council funding.

How can our carbon reduction consultants help you?

The professional support of a carbon consultancy service will enable you to gain access to the simplest and most effective route to your carbon reduction goal.

Here’s why:

  1. We’ll help you understand where you’re starting from.
    a. Taking productive action to reduce your emissions will be difficult if you don’t have a good understanding of your carbon footprint in the first place. Our carbon consulting service will make clear how much your business emits and the most emissions-intensive areas of your operations.

  2. We’ll provide you with detailed practical guidance on how to reach your goal.
    a. With specific, tailored guidance on reducing your business’s carbon emissions, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint as much and as quickly as possible.

  3. We’ll keep you on track with your goals.
    a. It’s all well and good to take steps to reducing your carbon footprint — but how will you know if it’s really working? We’ll provide you with support on how you can tell when your actions are having the desired effect, and what to do if that’s not the case.

What will our carbon footprint consultants do?

Step 1: Measure Your Carbon Footprint

We’ll support you over a 12-month period to gather data on your Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, as well as emissions from business travel, employee commuting, and waste generated in operations. We do this either through provided templates or third party tools where appropriate. In this way, we’ll help you to gain a rough picture of where your biggest emissions come from and to get a better understanding of your carbon footprint.

Step 2: Design Your Custom Carbon Reduction Plan

Once we’ve got the gist of your business’s carbon footprint, we’ll plan out your custom carbon reduction timeline until 2030. On this timeline, we’ll provide you with a list of recommended actions to reduce your emissions, including both small changes that you can make quickly as well as more extensive, long-term measures. These actions will be categorised by the following groups:

  1. Buildings & Energy
  2. Transport & Travel
  3. Water
  4. Waste
  5. Supply Chain

Step 3: Empower You to Communicate with Your Customers

We distill our findings and recommendations into a clear, easy-to-understand document. You can then use this on your website as a public declaration of your Net Zero targets and actions.

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