What is CRAB?

CRAB is a introductory 1 hour workshop that gives a small business everything they need to get started with a carbon reduction plan. 

Each business gets:

Get a Carbon Footprint and Reduction Plan in 1 hour

Carbon Footprint Estimate

Attendees get an estimated footprint in less than 3 minutes

Build Reduction Plan

Build a carbon reduction plan using our pre-set action cards

Get a Certificate

Certify the beginning of the reduction journey with a Small99 Certificate.

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Fast, Fun

CRAB is a simple, high speed, and accessible workshop that is for any small business who is feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Every attendee gets 1 CRAB – a box of actions to reduce their footprint.  

During a 1 hour session, they are guided through a series of action cards.  

Each card helps them understand their carbon footprint and gives some reduction ideas based on their emissions.


Run Anywhere

Carbon reduction plans affect everyone, not just professional services. 

The CRAB workshop can be run anywhere from a field to a church or cafe, allowing it to bring local communities together to discuss the impacts important to them. 

All you need is a pen, we do the rest!


Each month Small99 releases new new action cards.

Each card comes with 5 suggested actions and supporting notes for how a business can implement it, and the benefits of doing so. 

These are ideal for supporting accountability sessions and keeping business on their journey. 

For Facilitators

Run Carbon Literacy or Climate Fresk already? Add a new service to your business with ease!
Build your business with our support, and tap into the growing demand for carbon reduction plans without the need to develop new resources yourself.

For Membership Organisations

Add value to membership and give them a simple place to start their sustainability journey. Stay ahead of trends and keep your members ahead of the curve.

For Internal Training

Get an understanding of what building a carbon reduction plan looks like for your team. Build a reduction plan for your department, or empathise with the small businesses in your network on the challenges they face.

Supporting Slides

We provide up to date slides that cover key topics such as::

  1. – Climate risk of business
    – Why carbon reduction actions = more profit
    – Legislation & why businesses need need a Carbon Reduction Plan
    – How to influence others if you have limited control

These are optional and can be used to extend sessions if desired.  


The workshop can be run by anyone with facilitation knowledge, and does not require sustainability training. 

We provide eLearning to upskill you on the initial content and workshop format.

You have 24/7 access to the WhatsApp group to ask any questions that may come you don’t have the answer for. 

All attendees get access to Small99 Hero – so if they are stuck and need detailed information on how to progress, they have a virtual solution to handhold them beyond the workshop. 


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Join our next intake of new facilitators, or learn more about running the workshop to your team.