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Unsure where to start?
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The Small99 Community is a network of commited businesses all on the same journey: Net Zero. 

You are taken from “Where Do I Start?”  and guided through the challenges of measurement, implementation and communicating your success. 

Others are on hand so you can learn from them and never be alone.

  • Fortnightly tasks and challenges to keep up progress
  • Group calls to collaborate, share challenges and ask questions
  • Direct introductions to partners and solution providers to make your problems go away
  • Personalised support – Access not only my knowledge, but learn from everyone’s experiences too
Get Personal and Group Support on Your Net Zero Journey

Upon joining, we give you some simple starting points so that you can take those very first actions. 

The community is a fantastic starting point as everyone has a story to share, and can help you with your challenges. 

We worth with a variety of partners to match you with the right measurement tool. 

Small99 don’t measure for you, but will support you through the community to ensure you know exactly what the numbers mean and the actions to take afterwards.


You’ll gain a Small99 “Progress” badge which you can use on your website.

This lets you demonstrate you’ve taken the first steps on your journey to Net Zero as a community member. 

Gain Access To:

  • Recommended Tools and resources to help
  • Knowledge from industry experts
  • Others on their journey who have been there, done it

Move Quickly

All challenges we set you are designed around having a positive impact in a short amount of time.

All tasks are built to be quick to complete, usually in under 30 minutes every 2 weeks.

Where you don’t have the time, we’ll match you with a partner who can help instead.

What do I get?
  • Weekly Drop In Clinics for Group Q+A
  • Join others small businesses on their journey to Net Zero
  • Direct introductions to partners based on your problems

Less Info More Action

The community is built around one thing: Action

We worry about digesting all the information out there, and let you get on with the implementation.

Meet Others Get Answers

We run weekly drop-in clinics for you to come along and get support with anything. You meet others who are on the same journey and work together and can ask anything you may be struggling with.

You gain access to partners with direct introductions to specialists who can support you with more specific challenges.

Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

The Small99 Community cuts through all the information out there to give you only what you need to know. We’ll connect the dots to make your business progress to Net Zero without the overwhelm.

You don’t need to worry about anything else – just 1 task every few weeks to make progress towards Net Zero.

Measure your business’s impact

Answer a few questions and get an estimated carbon footprint of your business in 2 minutes.

Take action with Hero

Join our Hero platform to get a free and simple Carbon Reduction Plan for your small business so you can start acting in less than 10 minutes.