Whether you want to measure your footprint or partner with Small99 to make your sustainable ambitions come to life. We’re here to help!

Does becoming a better business feel time-consuming and overwhelming?

Does your team lack the capacity to concentrate on sustainability?

Are you focused on prioritising business growth?

Do you need a trustworthy partner to have your back?

Our process allows you to
meet supply chain requirements,
lead your industry,
and get on with running your business

1. Measure

Using simple tools and language, we gather data to measure your total carbon footprint across all parts of your business. We align to GHG protocol and SBTI best practices.

2. Reduce

Once the hotspots of emissions in your business are identified, we produce a practical, simple plan of action for you to start reducing. All of our plans are aligned with SBTI and PPN06/21. 

3. Succeed

Your team is left with tools to empower them to engage your suppliers and customers to join you on your journey, as well as transparently report on your progress so far. 

We want you to be the best business you can be.
We're here to guide you.

All of our consulting packages get you on the right track and make sure your business knows the next best step to take, both for sustainability but also financially.

Sustainability Essentials

from £3,000

Get your carbon footprint and a bespoke carbon reduction plan, all delivered as an easy-to-follow document for you to implement within the team. Meet upcoming Net Zero requirements, get ahead of the curve and have a plan of action.

Sustainability Story

from £1,500 p/month

Become a sustainable leader in your industry, backed by Small99’s help and validation every step of the way. 

We work with you monthly to implement actions, keep you on track and build your sustainability story to communicate with customers.

Sustainability Strategy

from £6,000 p/month

We act as an inset sustainability department.

We provide you with a footprint, a reduction plan and engage your leadership team to transform their thinking towards a more resilient, sustainable future. We find sustainable suppliers and solution providers for you, and write communication documents for you.

Are you stuck on a specific issue and want a sounding board?

You have the option to book a 1-hour consultancy call with us where we can help you tackle specific issues that don’t require a full consultancy package support.

What businesses are saying

Why Act?


65% of UK consumers think about the environmental impact of the items they buy

36% of UK consumers often or always choose brands with good sustainability credentials

55% of consumers demand more information on social, health, environmental and safety issues

89% of consumers trust a brand more or the same if they admitted challenges


PPN0621 – It was implemented in 2021, and established requirements for suppliers to have carbon reduction plans in place and to regularly report their emissions to win major government contracts. As large companies need to cut their carbon footprint to comply with this policy notice, they’ll need to start reducing their emissions from their supply chain, so they’ll increasingly opt for net zero suppliers.

NHS & Corporate Customers – As part of this policy, for example, it has been announced that by 2030, suppliers will only be able to qualify for NHS contracts if they regularly report their carbon emissions and demonstrate their progress towards net zero

SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) – It requires quoted companies, large unquoted companies, and large LLPs to disclose their energy use and emissions in their annual reports. This typically targets companies with more than £36m in turnover, but as with PPN0621, you may lose out on business if you don’t reduce your carbon footprint to meet these large corporations’ new emissions requirements as part of their supply chain.

Breakdown of Services

Sustainability EssentialsSustainability StorySustainability Strategy
from £ 3,000from £ 1,500 p/month£ 6,000 p/month
Carbon Footprint

Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Aligned to SBTi and GHG protocol.
Carbon Reduction Plan

Technical CRP to PPN06/21 standards for public procurement.
Net Zero Roadmap

Actions you could take to reach at least 50% reduction by 2030.
Monthly Check-ins

Each month we call with you to set out the highest impact action you can do next and keep you accountable.
Site Visit

We visit your premises to produce a bespoke list of actions based on your facilities.
ROI / Cost Savings on actions

We calculate the potential payback periods of any actions based on your unique circumstances

Support on applying for accreditations such as SBTi or BCorp
Marketing strategy guidance

Best in class guidance and advice on how to communicate your journey with vetting of any public posts you produce against ASA standards
Team Training

Internal team training around Net Zero and where to start.

We feature you on our podcasts, youtube, socials, and champion you in workshops we’re doing - as well as to other clients of ours as a supply chain solution.
Supply Chain

We work with you to engage your supply chain and make introductions to suitable alternatives
Marketing Materials

We write materials for you such as sustainability documents, impact reports etc.
Internal Leadership Team engagement

We work with your internal senior leadership team to transform their thinking to become a leading low-carbon business in your sector

(NEW!) Estimate your business’s impact

Answer a few questions and get an estimated carbon footprint of your business in 2 minutes.

Take action with Hero

Join our Hero platform to get a free and simple Carbon Reduction Plan for your small business so you can start acting in less than 10 minutes.