What is CRAB?

CRAB, or Carbon Reduction Action Box, is an introductory 2 hour workshop that gives a small business everything they need to get started with a sustainability plan.

It’s a simple, high speed workshop that’s for any small business who is feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Each business gets:

Fast, Fun

CRAB is a simple, high speed, and accessible workshop that is for any small business who is feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Every attendee gets 1 CRAB – a set of actions to reduce their footprint. and build a better business.   

During the 2 hour session, they are guided through a series of action cards.  

Each card helps them understand their carbon footprint and gives some reduction ideas based on their emissions.


Collaborative Community

Workshops are held in small groups with a facilitator to guide the conversation.

Business owners connect with each other and share their real world experiences. They leave the workshop with more local community connections, and a list of actions to take next.

Getting people around a table to talk about challenges with an expert facilitator on hand has proven a much more impactful approach than traditional learning with just presentations. 


Run Anywhere

Carbon reduction plans affect everyone, not just professional services. 

The CRAB workshop can be run anywhere from a field to a church or cafe, allowing it to bring local communities together to discuss the impacts important to them. 

No WiFi or screens needed. 

All you need is a pen, we do the rest!

Get a Carbon Footprint and Reduction Plan in 2 hours

Carbon Footprint Estimate

Attendees get an estimated footprint in less than 3 minutes

Build Reduction Plan

Build a carbon reduction plan using our pre-set action cards

Get a Certificate

Certify the beginning of the reduction journey with a CPD accredited Small99 Certificate.

Want to run CRAB for your small businesses?

Discover more about running the workshop for your members. 

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Pricing is kept affordable for small businesses at just £50 per attendee with a minimum of 6 attendees. 

This makes it an affordable and high impact workshop for organisations to fully or part fund for their business audience, or for businesses to sign up to themselves. 



Attendees can order certificates to prove they’ve started their carbon reduction journey. 

  • Physical Certificate
  • Digital Certificate
  • Digital mini badge for emails / website footer

Supporting Slides

We provide up to date slides that cover key topics such as::

– Climate risk of business
– Why carbon reduction actions = more profit
– Legislation & why businesses need need a Carbon Reduction Plan
– How to influence others if you have limited control

These are optional and can be used to extend sessions if desired.  

(NEW!) Estimate your business’s impact

Answer a few questions and get an estimated carbon footprint of your business in 2 minutes.

Take action with Hero

Join our Hero platform to get a free and simple Carbon Reduction Plan for your small business so you can start acting in less than 10 minutes.