Invite Adam to Speak at an Event on Net Zero

Looking for someone who gets Small Business and Net Zero to speak at an event?

Look no further. 

We have a range of resources that empathise with your audience and speak to them in their language. 

Complex topics become easy to understand and inspire action.

All of our talks avoid vague guidance and are built around action so that no matter who they are, they know what next step they need to take.

Speak To Your Audience

Whether it’s solo founders just starting out on their sustainability journey, or Members of Parliament seeking to understand the implications of Net Zero on Small Businesses, I’ve delivered a range of talks that effectively speak to your audience.

The audience comes first, and any talks are tailored to them to align with your aims from the webinar, complimenting other speakers and built around your goals. 

Speak at Webinars

Whether it’s filling a 10 minute slot on what Net Zero is, or a 45 minute workshop on how to take the first steps, I’ve delivered a range of talks. 

Below are some previous events we’ve spoken at:

  • How Net Zero can drive business growth
  • COP26: What does it really mean for your business?
  • Where to start with Net Zero
  • How to measure your carbon footprint
  • How to reduce your plastic packaging
  • How to reach Net Zero in 6 months

In Person Events

Having hosted workshops during COP26 and spoken on stage at the Net Zero Now festival, Fully Charged live and been the keynote speaker at the Environmental Placement Awards, I’m no stranger to a live audience.


I’m more than happy to appear on your podcast too!

I have fast, stable internet and a production quality microphone, hosting my own podcast for many years!