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Get Your Carbon Reduction Plan

Small99 Hero gives you a complete industry roadmap to Net Zero.  

No research needed! Just start taking action.



Learn more about our carbon reduction plan in a box which gets small businesses in under an hour. 


Measure in 3 Minutes

Answer a few simple, non-technical questions to get an understanding of your carbon footprint in just 5 minutes. 

The scorecard shows small businesses their net zero blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve.

Find a People Planet Pint Near You

No agenda, workshops or webinars. Just chat over some drinks.

Started in Glasgow during COP26, this relaxed event brings together those with a shared passion for sustainability in all its forms.

We meet monthly to chat about what’s going on in the Net Zero / Sustainability space, “network” and meet others who are interested in the industry.


(NEW!) Estimate your business’s impact

Answer a few questions and get an estimated carbon footprint of your business in 2 minutes.

Take action with Hero

Join our Hero platform to get a free and simple Carbon Reduction Plan for your small business so you can start acting in less than 10 minutes.