Sustainability Events for Small Business

Throughout the year we’re running events to bring businesses together to collaborate, share and support each other on the race to net zero. 

Get stuck in!

Sept 14th

How to Profit from the Net Zero Transition

We all need to meet Net Zero targets. But can you make money while doing so? We look at how to reduce emissions without reducing profits.

One of the biggest challenges in the transition to Net Zero is that people see becoming more sustainable as a cost, rather than investment.

The reality is that the road to Net Zero is full of opportunity that many small businesses are in a great position to benefit from, yet often struggle to see it.

In this short webinar we’ll be exploring some of the ways you can build a more profitable business while reducing emissions, and highlight some of the new economic areas which you can take advantage of.

July 12th

Why Small Businesses are the Secret to Sustainability

Being sustainable in business is on every business owners’ radar but it can often be unclear what being sustainable actually means, how to start and know what you are doing already. 

This session will hear from business owners who are on their journey offering their tips, insights and experiences on how we can all be more sustainable with actions we can start implementing straight away.

July 21st

County Business Talks: How You and Your Business Can be More Sustainable

Sustainability and reducing your carbon emissions is something that all businesses and business owners should be aware of and doing what we can as a community. It can be a minefield and many of us unsure where to start?

County Business TALKS are delighted to have partnered up with two experts from Matthew Denford, Ethicul and Adam Bastock, Small 99 to give you some insights and answer any questions you may have of how your business can become more sustainable. They will be chatting with Bradley and I on Wednesday 21st July in the CBC Virtual Lounge and this is an event not to be missed.

Past Events

July 6th

Carbon Taxes: What do they mean for Your Business?

Carbon Pricing is coming. What can your business do to prepare and build a more resilient business?

One of the major outcomes of COP26 is expected to be the agreement of Carbon Pricing. We’re not sure what form this will take, but we do know it’s coming.

In this hour long webinar, we’ll be hearing from carbon reduction experts ANEC and Small99 on how you can:

Prepare for Carbon Taxes
Reduce your carbon footprint effectively to reduce risk to carbon fines
Why reducing emissions now means you save money in the future
Potential cost models carbon pricing may take
If you’re a small business, this talk is a vital introduction into the world of emissions, and will get you clued up on the practical steps you can take to build a better business in the future.

June 1st

How to Reduce Plastic Packaging in Your eCommerce Business

We chat to Shaunak at Omvits, who have recently reduced and replaced as much of the plastic in their business possible.

This will be a really practical talk for those out there who are dreaming of going plastic-free but are unsure where to start. We’ll be hearing from the team who have done it, as they share their top tips on what to do (and not do).

Omvits is on a mission to make sustainable, ocean-friendly and cruelty-free supplements that protect the health of people and our planet. Since launching in 2017, they have become one of the fastest growing brands in the supplements industry and helped to provide life-changing vitamins to over 25,000 underprivileged children around the world.

Past Events


Where to Start with Net Zero in Your Small Business

What does net zero mean for small business? In this webinar, we talk you through the practical info you need to get started. 

Everyone is talking about carbon reduction and environmental challenges, but there is little guidance out there for small business owners.

99% of the UK economy is a small business with less than 49 employees. Over 5 million (96%) of these have less than 9. These small businesses are the backbone of the economy, but no-one out there is helping them get started.

Much of the current guidance is jargon heavy and written by public sector organisations. As business owners, you have limited time and resources to understand it all and wade through long, heavy PDFs to learn what you need to do.

At this short webinar, we’ll be cutting through the noise to give you some simple steps to get started on your journey to running a more sustainable, net-zero friendly company.