Throughout the year we’re running events to bring businesses together to collaborate, share and support each other on the race to net zero. 

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Where to Start with Net Zero in Your Small Business

What does net zero mean for small business? In this webinar, we talk you through the practical info you need to get started. 

Everyone is talking about carbon reduction and environmental challenges, but there is little guidance out there for small business owners.

99% of the UK economy is a small business with less than 49 employees. Over 5 million (96%) of these have less than 9. These small businesses are the backbone of the economy, but no-one out there is helping them get started.

Much of the current guidance is jargon heavy and written by public sector organisations. As business owners, you have limited time and resources to understand it all and wade through long, heavy PDFs to learn what you need to do.

At this short webinar, we’ll be cutting through the noise to give you some simple steps to get started on your journey to running a more sustainable, net-zero friendly company.