Net Zero Support For Accountants

Support your clients with practical, simple Net Zero advice. 

Deliver extra value and reassurance to confused and overwhelmed clients. 

We free up your time by guiding your clients towards Net Zero with practical advice on how to build a more resilient business. 

Build Better Businesses

Net Zero isn’t going anywhere. 

Over the next 12 months we’ll see increased regulatory pressure and  mechanisms impacting small businesses.

From TCFD requirements to the Green Claims Code, addressing Net Zero and Climate Risk is now about building a thriving, resilient business. 

We keep abreast of the impacts and communicate them clearly, meaning you can better guide your clients. 

There are two ways we support you: 

1. Partnership – We can communicate the impacts to you for you to pass onto your clients. 

2. Parallel – We can work with your clients through our community and help them take action on Net Zero

Learn & Share

Net Zero messaging is complex and constantly changing. Keeping up with it is a job in itself – which is what we do!

We speak your language.

Through straight forward guidance we digest the constantly moving Net Zero industry into practical action that you can share with your clients.

We help accountants understand Net Zero and grapple with all of the complexities that it brings, removing the noise and distractions so you can get on with supporting clients.

Refer to the Community

If your clients are looking for where to start, our community provides tailored actions for them to begin their journey. 

Inside it, we share weekly actions small businesses can take on their journey to Net Zero. 

We also have regular drop in calls where members can ask questions direct. Every month we run topic-specific workshops and events.

We can set up a referral tracking program for this if you have multiple clients.

Learn more about the community benefits.


Save Time

As a busy accountant, you lack the time and resources to research and keep up to date with all of the Net Zero definitions and guidance. 

The landscape changes on a monthly basis, which is where we come in. 

With an active network of sustainability professionals , we’re plugged in directly to the latest changes and upcoming guidance in the industry. 

Work Together

Clients Confused about Net Zero?

If you have clients who are looking to learn more about Net Zero, we’re here to help.

Why Small99?

For the past 10 years I’ve been working and advising Small Business. My background is in digital marketing, where I took complex, overwhelming topics and distilled them into practical action for business growth. Net Zero is no different.

Fundamentally I see Net Zero as a marketing problem. We have the technology. We have the finance. We have the business case.

What is lacking is understanding of how small businesses can get started and grow with it.

That’s what Small99 is here to help with. Our mission is to get 1 million businesses to Net Zero by 2025. We focus on those with less than 25 employees, a small business segment making up 99% of our economy.

We give simple, action orientated advice. No frameworks, no pledges or commitments but actual action on a daily basis.


We can work with you to develop, advise and produce guidance for your industry or clients on their route to Net Zero.

This can be everything from a quick-check phonecall, through to a full campaign or workshops, webinars etc. 


Our preferred method of relationship is through collaboration in promoting our community. 

Our community drives the most action taken on Net Zero and helps us track the impact we are having. 

We can set up a referral tracking program for this if you have multiple clients.