How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:


Save time, win more customers and build a more sustainable business with our How To guide.

Save Yourself Days of Research!

You're busy running an online store and don't have the time to learn all about Net Zero.

With all of the challenges running an online store, you don’t need more demands on your time.

You want to run a sustainable, environmentally conscious company that helps tackle the climate crisis. However, you’re overwhelmed by all of the information out there and don’t know where to start.

As a small business, your resources are limited and you don’t have budget for bespoke consultants or complex measurement tools – but you do want to get started.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Failing to have a plan to reduce carbon emissions within your business can lead to: 

  • – Loss of customers to more sustainable competitors
  • – Poor reviews from disgruntled customers
  • – Increased costs from future Carbon Taxes
  • – Loss of business customers as they shift to sustainable suppliers

You want an easy to follow plan written for small business

Our guide makes it easy for you to take action and tells you exactly what you need to do. 

The guide is written specially for small business, rather than big corporates. 

This is guidance you can actually implement. Our solutions are simple to follow and affordable for any business.

We’ve done all the research, found the solutions and compiled them into  a single Step-By-Step document. 

This document sets you on the parth to being an Inspirational Business in your industry, one step closer to B-Corp, and part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Once you complete the guide, you’ll have plenty to shout about on social media and great news to email your customers about!

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We’re constantly finding new companies, partners and technologies that are helping solve the climate crisis. 

When you purchase a guide, you become part of the small99 community and will receive a lifetime access to your document.

Whenever we update the guide, you’ll get an updated version.

Every business is different, and as such Net Zero looks very different to each business.

Once you’ve finished all tasks in this guide, you’ll have made huge strides in reducing your footprint.

You will have solved the biggest issues quickly, made fast progress and are motivated to go further.

However, once these easier areas are tackled, you may need to do more work in certain areas unique to your company to meet Net Zero targets.

Good question!

We’ve simplified things as much as we can. 

There are ~25 seperate tasks. Some will take longer than others depending on your product and industry. 

Typically, you should allow half a day a week to get on with making the changes.

We’ve worked with a variety of Consultants and Academics to define the changes eCommerce businesses should take. This is a blend of science, industry knowledge and business insight to produce a well rounded, science-backed guide.

Every task has been chosen based on three factors:

  • Carbon saved
  • Cost to Change
  • Ease of Change

We’ve organised the guide accordingly, with the highest impact changes early on. 

Areas that are more expensive and may have less immediate impact are addressed later on.

We’ve been there! This is a huge topic to try and tackle, and we hope the guide empowers you to take control and start changing your business for the better. 

However, if you’re concerned you’re not ready, or aren’t able to start making changes, then please book a call with me directly to discuss your situation. 

It's easy to get started!

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Make the Changes

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Start Your Journey

Once completed, you'll be well on your way towards Net Zero!

What's in the Guide?

With over 70 pages, we’ve done all of the hard work researching the best solutions for your eCommerce business. All you need to do is follow the guidance and start your journey to Net Zero.


By purchasing our guide, you become part of the Small99 Community, and receive lifetime access to your guide.

As the industry changes and advice updates, you’ll be notified so that you can keep up to date.


Summary slides give you all of the information and actions you need to take as a business.

Start with a clear checklist of tasks to work through.


Building on the checklist, we explore the figures behind the choices and clearly lay out what you need to do.


At this stage, you’ve made great progress on reducing all of the big areas in your business. 

It’s now time to regularly measure and report on emissions to hold yourself accountable to progress.


Communicating the changes to your customers is a vital part of the journey, but not an easy one.

In this section, you get a framework on how to communicate effectively with your customers.



This is just the beginning of your journey to net zero. You’ll have taken the first major steps and reduced the bulk of your emissions, and you’re empowered with the knowledge to keep on reducing and go beyond Net Zero.

Adam Bastock
Author: Adam Bastock

Be Part of the Solution, Not part of the Problem

We have until 2030 to reduce global emissions by 50% to keep to the 1.5C target. 99% of the UK’s businesses are small businesses. If we all make the change, we can have a huge impact towards this target. 

That’s 9 years for you to half your business emissions.

With our guide, that’s more than possible!

Why Trust Small99?

I’ve worked with small businesses for years helping them navigate and grow with digital marketing.

Business owners are cash strapped and time poor, and need help with Net Zero. That’s why I started Small99 – to give you practical, no-nonsense advice that gets the job done. 

Our guides are written by experts with experience in managing carbon reduction in organisations. They’re written for anyone to be able to pick up and read, using everyday language.

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