How to Write a Sustainability Policy: Short Course

We’re developing a short course to guide business owners on how to structure and write their environmental policy page. 

At the end of this < 2 hour session, you’ll have constructed your policy page with all of the information you need to effectively communicate with your customers, avoid Greenwashing and demonstrate to business partners that you’re committed to Net Zero. 

Split into four modules, we guide you through how to transparently and openly discuss what you have achieved, and are trying to achieve with your environmental changes. 

One of the most common issues we see is failure by companies, big and small, to communicate. It’s often not that people are saying the wrong things, but that they aren’t saying anything at all. 

We’ve created this course to quickly and easily guide you through the simple steps to creating your policy.

Early Bird Pricing: £49

First 10 spaces £49. £99 Thereafter

Under 2 Hours

You're busy and need to get on with running your business. The course is high impact and short, giving you everything you need to know.

Life Time Access

As we learn, you learn. The space is constantly changing and any purchase gives you lifetime access to updates.


This course gives you everything you need to communicate effectively with customers and stakeholders with confidence.

The course is split into:

  • Module 1: Why? – The importance of writing a policy page, and the financial benefits of doing so
  • Module 2: Write – How to write, structure and maintain your policy page
  • Module 3: Examples – We look a the good and bad of other companies policy pages, with constructive critiques on what to learn from them
  • Module 4: What Next? The long-term implications of your policy page and how to keep it updated

We’re still developing the course, but we’re hoping this will be a short, high impact, pain free exercise that takes an hour or two.

You have access so you, or team members, can come back to it at any time.

No. We’re putting this together to help you with communication. It is not a legal document, and legal advice should be sought if you are making any specific claims about accreditations or legal environmental compliance.

The main motivator for this course is that we see people falling down the same two traps:

  • Over-marketing their work, which leads to greenwashing and false claims
  • Seeing backlash against greenwashing, leading to fear and inaction 

Having a transparent environmental policy is vital to avoid greenwashing, and we’ll be talking you through how to avoid it once and for all.

Launching September 2021.

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