Inspiration: Gomi

Gomi transforms waste materials into long-lasting yet uniquely designed tech products such as speakers, chargers and portable chargers.

Name of the Company: Gomi

What they do:

A sustainable electronics company offering both products and services. Gomi designs and manufactures their own tech products using plastic waste not yet widely recycled, as well as manufacturing products designed by other companies. Built to last as long as possible, Gomi minimises the chance of their products ending up in landfills by incorporating a circular product system through a ‘repairs-for-life’ returns service.

What they do well: 

  • Plastics in Gomi products are waste plastics sourced from other businesses and/or their products — helping these companies to also reduce their level of plastic pollution
  • Price competitive: their products sell at similar prices to competitor products from brands such as Bose and JBL 
  • Promote a community of sustainable businesses by offering a manufacturing service to products designed by other companies 
  • A complete circular system: Gomi not only offer a lifetime repairs service to customers, but also a buyback policy to reuse materials from products that have reached their end of life in future products

What they could improve: 

Although their website includes this video, they could achieve greater transparency through more informative videos showing the manufacturing process of their other products as well.

Their website also lacks information about how they deal with their own waste plastic. Some information about the waste produced by their own manufacturing processes would give consumers a more objective insight into Gomi’s operation.

What does their environmental policy say?

No defined policy, however, Gomi’s environmental goal and subsequent stance against plastic being sent to landfill are made evidently clear through their for life page.

Here they provide information for all of the business’s plastic-waste reduction-oriented customer services and make it easy for customers to request one.

What can you learn from them?

Gomi is showing the UK electronics sector that more sustainable products can not only be produced, but can also be sold at prices that compete with conventional tech products.

The two-sided business model of both product and services further highlight their more sustainable way of doing business. It places less reliance on revenue generated through product sales, in turn reducing the amount of plastic waste that would otherwise be created.

Other companies that only produce their own products can look to Gomi if considering offering a manufacturing service. 

 What is the cost?

 Gomi currently offers three separate products with their speaker being the most price competitive:

ProductPriceProductPrice ProductPrice
Gomi speaker£169Gomi Portable charger£69Gomi wireless mag charger£35
JBL Charge 5£159.99Anker Powercore 13000£35Anker Powerwave Pad£14.99
Bose Soundlink Revolve 2£179.95Aukey Basix Pro 10000£21Belkin Boost Charge Wireless Pad £29.99

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