Inspiration: Brighton Gin 

Brighton Gin prioritises environmental sustainability in their gin-making, while not compromising on quality.

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Name of the company: Brighton Gin

Who are they?

Since 2012, Brighton Gin has been making gin inspired by the spirit of Brighton in three key ways: it’s unusual, playful, and independent. Theirs is the first craft gin to be certified as 100% vegan and is all handmade in small batches. 

What sustainability actions have they taken? 

  • They run off a 100% renewable energy supply
  • They minimise their waste by repurposing it — for instance, they reuse the cardboard from pallets as box dividers in their packages
  • They are aiming to eliminate their use of plastic and have made some key changes in this journey, such as replacing their plastic cork tops with wooden ones and making their own distilled water rather than buying it in plastic carboys
  • They have a bottle refill station so that customers can reuse their bottles
  • Their employees all cycle or take public transport to get to work
  • They use an e-cargo bike for local deliveries 

How have they achieved these goals? 

Brighton Gin has taken small, practical steps to drastically reduce their environmental impact in the long run. For example, they provided bikes to their employees in order to cut down on the emissions incurred by transport to and from work, installed a reverse osmosis system to make their own distilled water, and promoted their bottle refill system to their existing customers. They also received funding from Brighton and Hove council for their e-cargo delivery bike. 

What benefits have they seen as a result of their actions? 

Since they began using an e-cargo bike for local deliveries, which has attracted some great PR for them, Brighton Gin has found that their delivery times and fuel and parking costs have been greatly reduced. In their first year of using the e-cargo bike, they clocked up 2000 miles around Brighton! They’ve also noticed an increased level of fitness and sense of welfare among the members of their team who now cycle to work. 

What’s more, as a result of their planet-conscious agenda, Brighton Gin is attracting and satisfying more customers than ever. 

Sophie Comninos
Author: Sophie Comninos

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