Inspiration: EGG Lighting

EGG Lighting is committed to creating technology that is socially and environmentally responsible. Their mission is to reduce energy and material waste, through technologies that enhance the spaces people use and help UK businesses save money.

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Name of the Company: EGG Lighting

What they do:

Commercial lighting as a service, rather than a product. The Glasgow-based company builds and manages client’s lighting systems. This includes remanufacturing and upgrading spent components to reduce energy usage and electronics waste. Their systems improve efficiency and offer a circular economy solution.

What they do well:

  • They’ve created a lighting service with an emphasis on circularity to minimise waste. Lighting system components are designed to be easily maintained, upgradable, and able to be remanufactured — all included in the service they offer.
  • Invest revenue into research and development to improve the sustainability of their products.

What they could improve:

Offering other electronics services besides lighting, they claim to be ‘all- round sustainability specialists’. Although their website shows this well in terms of their lighting systems, it doesn’t have any information about how they achieve this with their other services.

Without further information to back it up, ‘all-round sustainability specialists’ is a bold claim. Potential customers would benefit from having a little more information and transparency on the website for each of their services besides lighting systems, and how they are done in an eco-friendlier way.

What does their environmental policy say?

No specific environmental policy, however, their ‘mission’ is to ‘reduce energy and material waste’ — the website is full of information about how they are carrying this out for their lighting systems.

They do have a circular lighting page detailing what makes their lighting products circular. The page also provides information to help readers understand what circularity is.

A section summarising their environmental approach across all of their services would be useful to site visitors.

What can you learn from them?

EGG Lighting is leading the way for an environmentally friendlier electronics manufacturing industry. Their remanufacture/reuse approach to product design and functionality will see financial and waste-management benefits over the long run. Bypassing on their knowledge and practices, they are helping others make the change to greener business operations:

  • For manufacturers: EGG Lighting is showing the design and manufacturing sector that circular products made to be remanufactured and reused can still turn a profit. Their attitude towards waste management not only helps the environment, but in the long run saves their customers money which helps build stronger B2C relationships.
  • Honest & informative: Plenty of information on their site tells visitors about their circular products, but they also acknowledge that there’s still a way to go yet.
  • Community-oriented: They participate in knowledge-sharing events to increase understanding of circular economies and the sustainable use of resources.

What is the cost?

No price information is published on the website, potential customers need to contact EGG Lighting for a quote. This is likely due to costs being customer-specific. They are, however, affiliated with several initiatives to help reduce costs.

Alan Palazon
Author: Alan Palazon

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