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Full Circle Funerals is the leading funeral director in the UK for environmentally friendly funeral support.

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Name of the company: Full Circle Funerals

Who are they?

Full Circle Funerals are funeral directors who offer personalised funeral support.

Having first opened in Guiseley in 2016, they now have several branches across Leeds, Harrogate and Halifax, and a new Partners service in Altrincham.

They’re happy to help with any and all funerals, whether they’re traditional, modern, or alternative, and don’t shy away from any requests, however unusual they might be. They also offer advice on how to make funerals greener, all the way down to what may seem like the smallest decisions, like the material of the coffin. 

Sarah Jones
Director of Full Circle Funerals
Full Circle Funerals Services

What sustainability actions have they taken?

  • 67% of their energy use is powered by renewable sources, with more pending
  • They offer an electric hearse and electric car to transport guests to and from services as an alternative to the traditional limousine
  • They calculate their Scope 1 and 2 emissions and are working with Planet Mark to try to understand their Scope 3 emissions
  • They plant a tree in a biodiverse location for every funeral they support, more than offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions 
  • They measure their water usage and waste
  • They volunteer time for litter picking
  • They conserve energy using LED lights in their offices
  • They have funded Environmental Apprenticeships at the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

How have they achieved these goals?

The first step to achieving these goals for Full Circle Funerals was simply starting a conversation about how they could reduce their environmental impact as a team. 

They decided that instead of feeling overwhelmed by the task, they should start by making small changes. For example, they began measuring their impact in quantifiable terms where they could, like their Scope 1 and 2 emissions. They also started to attend events and speak to other people who were interested in doing better for the environment so that they could learn from them. 

Most importantly, they keep reviewing their progress as they go along and making changes as required.

What benefits have they seen as a result of their actions?

There has been a high level of team engagement at Full Circle Funerals with their sustainability goals, and they take pride in what they are doing for the environment. Since enacting their environmental policies, they’ve noticed that people have actively chosen to use their support because they understand sustainable funeral care. 

The positive impact of their actions has been widely recognised. In 2021, Full Circle Funerals became the first and only funeral director in the UK to achieve B Corp accreditation. They also won Green Funeral Director of the Year at the 2021 National Good Funeral Awards.

Sophie Comninos
Author: Sophie Comninos

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