Jewellery Shops in Glasgow

With COVID19 forcing many small businesses to close, owners and makers have had their usual sales channels shut down while large retailers remain open. Below is an ever-growing list of local small businesses for you to discover and shop with online, all in one place.

Bestial Constellation

These necromantic offerings are conjoined with semi-precious gems and other materials, inspired by the planets, galaxies, satellites and nebulas of the cosmos.



In these bold brass earrings, shape and visual balance have been explored to create unique accessories that draw the eye.


Beth Wham

Beth Wham is an artist bursting with creation and is inspired by the concept to create empowering designs for the art world through her use of mixed media & bright colours.


Tri Geometrica

Tri Geometrica is run by Robert Laing, a Glasgow based designer & maker of handmade and handcast geometric items made from concrete and Jesmonite.


Bunny’s Beads

Maker of shiny things, from fandom jewellery to gothy and sugary sweet treats! Pins, earrings, necklaces.


Muka Jewellery

Each piece is made to order in sterling silver and 9ct gold, using eco-friendly and Fairtrade materials where possible to minimise the impact on our environment.


Darte Jewellery

With clean lines and a delicate finish, Darte Jewellery strives to adorn rather than overwhelm, with subtle yet beautiful jewellery that is comfortable and easy to be worn from day to night.


Ionalundie Design

With oxidised surfaces contrasting to brighter gold, silver and bronze sections, Iona creates statement objects that are eye-catching on a larger scale to be seen and celebrated much like the fires.