All Snacks

With COVID19 forcing many small businesses to close, owners and makers have had their usual sales channels shut down while large retailers remain open. Below is an ever-growing list of local small businesses for you to discover and shop with online, all in one place.

Peacock’s Ice Cream

For starters, we make everything from scratch (including add-ins) using fresh dairy and all natural ingredients for our ice cream base.


Vege Love

Hello, I’m Ruth and welcome to my small food company Vege Love. I am based


Bare Bones Chocolate

We want to share our fascination for cacao with our customers and demonstrate how incredible it can taste – without soy lecithin, vegetable fats, additives or E-numbers.



Sugarsnap is an Artisan Chocolate and Confectionery Company started by Annette Smith, a chocolatier with a good palate for flavour and quality.


Kreuzberg Chocolate

Each one of our filled chocolates is handcrafted with selected natural ingredients and directly traded bean to bar craft chocolate, for fine flavour with a conscience.


Berkson Bakes

Welcome to Berkson Bakes’ gluten-free cake shop! If you’re looking for gluten-free cakes, bakes and


The Nut Shack UK

We are a family-run producer of completely unique flavoured peanuts, based in Paisley, Scotland.