A Perfect Example of Green Washing

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Rarely are the acts of greenwashing so concisely demonstrated as the recent incursion from Innisfree who have their “Paper Bottle” – only it is…a plastic bottle wrapped in Plastic.

The Facebook user took to Social Media to shame the Korean company, asking quite rightly for the company to explain themselves.

Their explanation was that the “Paper Bottle” was in reference only to the fact paper is used on the packaging, and reduces their plastic use by 52% (but not eliminates it entirely).

While this is most, it raises a good example of the danger in promoting “Green” products with messaging that is unclear.

Honesty is always the best policy – if the bottle is only part-paper, then clearly say that. Customers may be disappointed that it’s not 100% plastic free, but that is far better than them being angry and feeling misled.

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Adam Bastock
Author: Adam Bastock

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