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We’re making it easier than ever to find Net Zero Suppliers. 

Our directory lists small businesses who have set ambitious Net Zero targets and supply businesses just like yours. 

We’re building the largest list of net zero companies in the UK, so it’s easy for you to make the switch.

This takes you one step closer to Net Zero!

Get New Customers

Our mission is simple: Get 1 million businesses to Net Zero by 2025. 

We’re making the journey easy for small businesses, and one of those steps is their Scope 3 emissions and supply chain. 

That’s where you come in. 

If you’re a business doing great work on your own emissions, and work with other businesses, be found by our audience today. 

How it Works


Apply to join Small99's directory.


We build your profile page and send for approval. If you're happy, payment is set up and your listing is live.


Customers come to Small99 looking for new suppliers to reduce their emissions, and we send them your way!

Join the Net Zero Directory

£ 10 Monthly
  • Be Found by Net Zero Businesses
  • Reduce Scope 3 Emissions
  • Share Your Targets
  • Ready-to-buy Customers

There are two ways you’re found:

 The Directory will be linked from two sources:

Our forthcoming app – Each “action” has a solution, many of which drive users towards the directory. For example, if the action is “Reduce Plastic Packaging” then they are sent to the directory to find suitable suppliers. 

Our Content – Our blogs generate hundreds of hits a day with people searching for solutions. We link to our directory as the solution.

For example,  businesses searching for Plastic Free Sellotape are then matched with appropriate providers.

The Criteria is simple:

  • Do you have ambitious Net Zero targets?
  • Do you communicate with a clear environmental policy?

If you fail on either of the above points, we’ll refund you and give you free advice on how best to meet the criteria in future. 

The majority of our suppliers will be in the UK if they provide physical services. 

However there’s plenty of good work happening around the world with diverse, remote employees as well as service companies based abroad. 

If you would like to sign up from overseas, please use the below payment links instead:

All payments are as close to £5 as possible, but you may pay a few cents more or less depending on the day!

To keep the quality of our directory high, we manually check and approve every new application. 

(NEW!) Estimate your business’s impact

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