Host your own People, Planet, Pint

Bring together passionate people. Take climate action over a pint. Become a local sustainability celebrity!


We will do all the heavy lifting. You just need to book a table in a pub, turn up and greet people!


Pay for the first 33 pints! Thanks to Krystal Hosting

Host the event on our Eventbrite

Manage the admin of attendees

Handle marketing of the event throughout our networks

Communicate and liaise with attendees as appropriate


Pick a date (Tip: We find Thursdays work best)

Find and book a local pub

Turn up and enjoy!


Join our international and vibrant Host Community

Becoming a host means you get to join monthly calls with hosts from across the country which is a great way to meet other fellow change makers!


Book a pub table somewhere and let me know the venue and time.

Roughly a space for 5-10 if it’s a first event in the city, or perhaps a space of 20 if it’s a ‘big city’ where PPP’s have taken off, like London, Birmingham, Edinburgh.

In terms of venues, the only rule is no Brewdog or Wetherspoons. Otherwise, we’re fairly flexible. 

We’ve found it best to book somewhere that’s ground level, and near a train station or public transport. If you’re in an upstairs room, we’ll send signage to you so that people know they’re in the right place. 

If they have a strong sustainability story, even better!

Please send a short biography about yourself and what you do, alongside a photograph of yourself (headshot) which we’ll then use to add to our website host list!

Yes, please do! While the promotion of PPP events is largely up to us, it would be a great idea to share with people you know since you’ll know people in your city!

We’ll send you an idea of numbers a few days before your event. Typically we find that if we “sell” 20 tickets, between 10 and 15 people turn up. 

On the morning of your event, we’ll send over a final guest list of who has signed up. 

We have a drinks token system. On arrival, set up a tab and give everyone 1 token as they arrive. These tokens can then be reclaimed at the bar (be sure to tell the bar this!) and drinks added to the tab. 

We’ll send you plenty of tokens in case any go missing, but please only issue 1 token per person on the night. 

Hosts get 1 free drink too!

Once we have an idea of numbers, we’ll send over cash to cover your initial bill (roughly).  

Please: send Julia the receipt after the night from the first round of drinks, so that Adam will be able to reimburse you any money owed. Any surplus can roll over into the next PPP event. 

Note: your free drink can be a soft drink, hot drink, pint, glass of wine, anything! Whatever your first drink, it’s covered. (Unless of course you order a glass of Dom Perignon, then you may have to foot the bill for that one.)

Yes! We have host packs which we will send out to you in advance of your event. These will contain: PPP poster, PPP table sign, PPP drinks tokens. Here is the PPP poster template on Canva, should you want to print out more posters and put them locally.

All attendees need to register through Eventbrite so that we can send them updates and ensure that enough space is booked for everyone. We have had it in the past where an event got unexpectedly popular, and the venue had to change in order to accommodate them all! Only if they have tickets are we able to contact them.

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