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Check the work we have already done helping micro and small businesses reach Net Zero and beyond!

NetZero360 Training Course

Dates: June 2022 – Ongoing

Clean Growth UK support businesses tackling climate as a pioneering university-based network of forward-thinking green businesses.

Called NetZero360, we designed and delivered a full day training course to 300+ businesses on carbon measurement, carbon reduction planning and circular economy.

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Step Up to Net Zero

Dates: September 2022 – Ongoing

Step Up to Net Zero supports Glasgow SMEs in their efforts to reach net zero by funding six-month work placements who will help organisations take action towards net zero and circular goals.

Fully funded by Glasgow City Council and the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and delivered by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, this project aims to support the city’s net zero ambitions and provides employability support for Glasgow’s workforce.

Our involvement in Phase 1 was to deliver an eLearning platform with topics of Net Zero and Carbon Measurement, in order to rapidly upskill participants with simple foundational knowledge before they went on to more formal training with IEMA. 

Small99 were selected to deliver the full program for the second Phase, including initial assessments, producing action plans and consultantcy follow on support, providing a continuous experience for the businesses. 

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Full day workshop for 30 businesses

Dates: September 2023 – February 2024

Worcestershire County Council reached out to us wanting to run a high impact 1 day event to rapidly upskill 30 businesses on sustainability. The aim was to inspire local businesses and bring them together to collaborate, while also giving them all of the tools they needed to meet Net Zero requirements within a day. 

We delivered a blend of presentation as well as group work using CRAB, which worked well to break up the afternoon. Delivery was in person at Worcester Cricket Club, with full lunch and refreshments making the day a great success. 

Businesses left the day having built their carbon reduction plan, with an estimate of their carbon footprint generated using Small99’s calculator, and had connected with other businesses locally for collaboration.

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Developing an industry specific Carbon Scorecard

Dates: December 2022 – Ongoing

SCVO represents the Scottish Third sector, providing support and guidance on a range of issues. 

They were looking to develop a new Climate resource, going beyond just Net Zero and approached us wanting to replicate the work we had done with our carbon Scorecard.

We also developed a specific carbon reduction in pathway in Hero for the South Lanarkshire workshop attendees to use, with tailored regional actions to test progress as a pilot. 

Working closely with SCVO we developed a industry specific carbon scorecard, with tailored follow on actions based on response too. 

Full details are available on Climate Confident.

We also delivered a series of 6 webinars on a series “Steps to Net Zero” topics, making it accessible and simple for social enterprises in Scotland.

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Two day workshop for 20 social enterprises

Dates: June 2023 – December 2023

In partnership with Just Enterprise and SCVO, we ran a 2 day virtual training session on all things Net Zero for 20 social enterprises based in South Lanarkshire. needed to meet Net Zero requirements within a day. 

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Sustainability Basics and Green Skills Program

Dates: 2021 – Ongoing

Small Business Britain partnered with Oxford Brookes University to run a series of 6 workshops to engage small businesses on where to start with sustainability. These were 6 hourly sessions

We developed 2 sessions around Measurement and Finance available. The course has now run 3 times engaging nearly 1,500 businesses. 

We were also brought in to deliver a 30 minute session on Climate Change as part of the collaboration between SBB and eBay Roadshow.

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Bespoke video content

Dates: February 2024 – Ongoing

Essex County Council required simple videos around Net Zero to engage small businesses locally. These formed part of a wider sustainability hub platform.

Small99 produced a set of 4 simple branded videos. The aim of these videos was to produce introductory, “crash course” awareness and education on Net Zero and carbon measurement.  

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