Our Partnerships

In Good Company

In Good Company champions good business – those businesses which make decisions that have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact on the world. 

Small99 provides industry-specific sustainability solutions so that small businesses can make more money, and meet the criteria for a ‘good business’.

We’re excited to see the results of our partnership with In Good Company in helping businesses become sustainable, reach net zero targets, and to celebrate and champion their achievements.


YouK makes it easy to shop with small businesses no matter where you are in the UK, and fundamentally aligns with Small99’s mission of helping businesses be more resilient, connected, profitable communities.   

Small99 first started out as a way to connect customers with small businesses, so this partnership made perfect sense and we’re excited to support YouK‘s customers on their road to Net Zero and beyond! 

This will bring Small99 Badges to the profiles of businesses listed on YouK who are on their sustainability journey.   

You can see all of the companies who have the Small99 badge here:  

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Sustainability Events Calendar

We noticed a frustration in trying to find sustainability events, with many events often only discovered after it had happened. With so many sustainability events happening all across the UK, it’s easy to miss some, or hard to find them amidst the other big event sites.

That’s why we co-created the Sustainability Events Calendar! 

The Sustainability Events Calendar is brought to you by Small99 and Avery & Brown

It brings all of the best sustainability events in and around the UK into one place. 

You can submit your own sustainability event to the site so we can list it for you and reach more people!

Browse sustainability events near you on the calendar: 

Sustainable Wedding Alliance

The Sustainable Wedding Alliance is a network of environmentally conscious businesses, who are passionate about creating a more sustainable wedding industry through education, support and accreditation. They work with businesses to create long term sustainable strategies that businesses can implement themselves, or with their support.

The Sustainable Wedding Summit took place April 2022, and was full of action and information. We were delighted to be a guest speaker at the Sustainable Wedding Summit, to help those in the wedding industry receive manageable, bitesize steps to follow to net zero.

Since then, we’ve partnered to bring Small99 Hero to Sustainable Wedding Alliance members. Through Hero, their members are accelerating action on Net Zero and beyond with actions relevant to their business. 

Better Business Network

Small99 partnered with the Better Business Network to offer an exclusive discount on Hero to their members. 

BBN membership grants you access to hundreds of online tools and resources, offers 50% off betternotstop online courses, a monthly £250 grant fund, plus much more!

Ooni Pizza Ovens

People, Planet, Pint: Pizza. Edinburgh. Saturday 18th February, 1:30pm – Bellfield Brewery

Ooni seeks to bring people together and create joy through shared food experiences. When husband and wife Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland started Ooni back in 2012, they knew they wanted to create a company for good. 10 years later – Ooni have revolutionised the outdoor cooking landscape, bringing portable pizza ovens to pizza lovers across the world and pledging to become a regenerative company.

As a regenerative business, Ooni wants to give back more to society and the planet than they take from it. They want to show everyone what their plans are, where they’re at and what’s to come (lots!), while also inspiring other companies to follow their lead. With so much corporate greenwashing happening around us, Ooni believes honesty, transparency and action are the way forward.

Small99 is delighted to be partnering with Ooni to bring you People, Planet, Pint: Pizza in Edinburgh.

Workshops & Content

Funding Circle UK

We partnered with with Funding Circle UK to write two to educate their audience on Net Zero.

It’s important to see that Net Zero has key benefits to businesses that help with their other problems in challenging times, and isn’t just a separate activity that ticks a box.

Reducing costs, gaining a competitive edge, and highlighting climate risk within your organisation are all part of the benefits of Net Zero, while reducing emissions too.

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

Small99 are working with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce to develop a training programme for their Step up to Net Zero scheme.

Step up to Net Zero offers four-month paid placements to support Glasgow businesses on their sustainability journey. 

It’s been a huge privilege to be involved and chosen to help accelerate the local economy to Net Zero!

BEC Leaps

For small businesses wanting to become more sustainable, the Sustainability & Circular Economy Course is delivered by BEC as part of the GLIDE project, on behalf of Buckinghamshire New University and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme.

There are 4 modules over 4 weeks which are structured around a step-by-step approach to consider sustainability, integrating it with your business, and roadmapping and planning into the future. 

Clean Growth UK

Net-zero is transforming business at a pace. Get left behind and you risk becoming irrelevant in the eyes of consumers, investors, and funders.

The Clean Growth UK Net Zero online workshops are designed to take you from the first steps on your net-zero journey to becoming a bonafide sustainability pioneer, with every aspect of your business aligned to net-zero.

It gives you access to workshops, a rigorous carbon calculator, action-planning support, and university innovation expertise and facilities.

These workshops are part funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Low Carbon Across the South and East (LoCASE) programme. It is open to businesses across the UK.

There are 3 workshops, delivered across 3 weeks. These are facilitated by Adam Bastock and Laura Gelder-Robertson.

Register for a FREE ticket here.

Small Business Britain

We helped develop the Small Business Britain Sustainability Basics program, giving practical advise to micro businesses across the country. 

Small Business Britain delivered the Sustainability Basics programme, in partnership with Oxford Brookes Business School, to help small businesses make the most of the opportunities of sustainability.

This free programme (and community of like minded businesses) gives each entrepreneur the basics they need to supercharge their sustainability planning, reduce their impact on the planet, and turn their sustainability plans into fantastic commercial advantage.

Measure your business’s impact

Answer a few questions and get an estimated carbon footprint of your business in 2 minutes.

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