People Planet Pastry

People Planet Pastry is all about meeting fellow businesses who are either about to start, have started, or are well on their way to embedding sustainability into their day-to-day operations.

This relaxed and informal event brings people together to learn more about sustainability and take action. 

The sister event, People, Planet, Pint, brings people together to learn more and chat about climate, while our “Pastry” series is focused on empowering small businesses with the action they can take and where to start with sustainability.

While we will mostly be discussing businesses, this is an open event where anyone is welcome, so if you’re curious about what’s going on, come on down! 

Our Sponsor

A word from Sage Earth:

“We have seen the success of the People Planet Pint series run by Adam and the team, and having attended a number of sessions, we know the value this is bringing the small business community. We wanted to support the People Planet Pastry series to build on that success but in a way that focuses on SMB decarbonisation as a direct action. We’re super excited to be supercharging this through this winter and into next year!” – Conrad Langridge



What should I bring?


We recommend bringing a notebook and business cards if you have some so you can connect with fellow attendees. We will have an optional community WhatsApp group you can join should you want to keep in touch with fellow businesses.


10th July 2023
10th July 2023

First People Planet Pastry event in Wokingham.

13th July 2023
13th July 2023

First Watford People Planet Pastry event.

September 2023
September 2023

Coming in September 2023 - People Planet Pastry with Inspiration Space (Guildford)

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