People • Planet • Pint


7th December 2023

Congress of the People, Planet, Pints: Alternative COP28

Come and learn about what’s happening in your community


Don’t have the time or carbon budget to fly to Dubai for COP28 this year?

Join your local People, Planet, Pint meetup instead on Thursday 7th December!

Meet like-minded people, make connections and friends, enjoy a drink while circulating ideas, and find inspiration on how you can take action.

COPPP will be held in different cities across the UK to bring people in their local communities together. This is about starting broad conversations across all parts of the community, not just for sustainability experts, but anyone who is concerned or curious. 

While they gather in a room to ‘negotiate’, we’ll get together across the country to start conversations, circulate ideas, take action and have fun while doing so.

Our Sponsors

With national and multinational clients covering sustainable commodities, food manufacturing and tech, One Nine Nine helps organisations to shape their sustainability messages and share them with the world. 

KRYSTAL are an award-winning, 100% green web hosting provider, with datacentres in the UK, US, & Europe. They are climate positive, and their approach centres on value, quality and transparency.

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