Be A Guest On The Revenue For Change Podcast

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What You'll Need

A Quiet Room

Muted Notifications

A Good Microphone

No laptop mics - please use a dedicated external microphone

What We'll Discuss

We want to hear about your story and how you grew thanks to your “environmental” actions.

There’s no set format, but before the recording have a think about:

Your story – Why you started the business, how it got to where you are today
Opportunity – What opportunities have you seen during this growth?
Growth – Has “net zero” actions helped drive growth in ways you didn’t expect, or provide a point of difference?
Challenges – What challenges have you faced on this journey
Competition – How do you differ compared to the market and other competitors?
Collaboration – How are you collaborating with other businesses in the market to drive change?
Commitments – What Net Zero commitments have you made?

The Schedule

Recordings take roughly an hour. This is usually 30 – 40 minutes of recording, with 20 minutes of chat either end. 

Before we hit record, we’ll spend 10-15 minutes getting to know you and settling into the conversation. 

Adam will lead with an introduction and we’re off!

How to Join

We’ll create a Calendar invite with meeting instructions and send over to you. Join on the day and chat, that’s it!