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Small99 have teamed up with Dennis Hettema from Ecologi for a Podcast series like no other. 

It all formed from a few conversations with Dennis from Ecologi. Adam and Dennis shared a single idea: Net Zero is an opportunity!

Net zero isn’t a technology problem. It’s a marketing problem. People don’t understand the benefits to be gained from this massive change that’s coming our way. 

At any other point in history where there’s been massive infrastructure change, people have made money. Think the industrial revolution, the consumer revolution or the digital revolution. All saw huge changes in society, infrastructure and how businesses grew. 

Net Zero is this next revolution, and to get people involved they need to know where they can make money and how to grow their business. 

On Revenue for Change we speak to business owners who are leading the way and growing because of their net zero work, not in spite of it. 

Hear their stories and learn how you too can grow through Net Zero!


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