Sustainability Workshops

Our workshops are designed with micro and small businesses in mind, giving practical advice and distilling complex net zero topics in simple language so that everyone leaves inspired and ready to take action.

While we predominantly focus on Net Zero, this encompasses all parts of Sustainability and includes topics such as circular economy, carbon literacy training, social impacts and more.

Unsure where to start?

You’re not alone!

Sustainability can feel overwhelming for everyone. It impacts different businesses in different ways, and grappling with the complexities of circular economy, net zero, carbon neutrality, as well as the opportunities action brings, isn’t easy.

Our workshops reduce overwhelm and build confidence with attendees so that everyone leaves with the practical knowledge of what they need to do next.

This might be to take a cohort of business owners through Net Zero measurement and reduction planning, or it might be upskilling your team to be confident in advising owners and how sustainability fits within their job role.

For Councils & Public Sector

With many local authorities setting ambitious Net Zero targets, bringing businesses with you on your journey is vital.

Get ahead of legislation and governmental targets and build resilient local business communities.

For Membership Organisations

Support your small business owners and help them build resilient, low carbon businesses. 

Meet your own Net Zero goals and lead your industry.

For Large Businesses

Demonstrate responsibility to stakeholders and support your business audience to grow with sustainable guidance. 

Transform your teams to align with sustainability and accelerate action.

Opportunity of Sustainability Action

Many small businesses are under increasing pressure, directly or indirectly from Net Zero. Climate risk is threatening economic stability on multiple fronts, and businesses and consumers are shifting away from companies who lack robust sustainability policies.

Energy price rises, weak supply chains, public procurement sustainability requirements and changing consumer behaviours all risk leaving behind those who fail to take action.

Our workshops equip your audience with the skills needed to navigate these choppy waters and build more resilient, profitable companies, all while improving the value of your membership and placing your at he forefront of your industry.

Anonymous Feedback
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The structure of the three sessions were excellent. The sequential nature of the sessions was very good; building knowledge & understanding, practical application and clear next steps.
Anonymous Feedback
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I’ve learned a huge amount, all of it implementable, and that is coming from somebody who has been involved professionally in various aspects of climate change for 20+ years.

Bespoke Workshops

All of our workshops are tailored to your needs and built especially for your audience.

Specialist topics can be covered and we work with a wide network of experts to deliver deep knowledge on specific topics when required.

Workshop or Webinar

We can either deliver engaging webinars to large audiences of hundreds of people, or can facilitate more hands-on workshops of 20 – 30 people at a time.

Mix it Up!

Not everyone has to go through the same sustainability workshop. We can mix and match, or run smaller pilots before scaling up across the organisation.

This approach has been successful in splitting out businesses who are more advanced on their journey, while still supporting those keen to get started.

For example, it may be 100 businesses go through a Foundation series, while a pilot of 10 is taken through Ambition for a deeper learning of the challenges they face.

Small99 Hero Access

Hero is our software platform that guides business owners on their sustainability journey. Entirely self-serve, it puts them in control with a total list of what to do, and how to do it, for your audience.

There are a number of prebuilt pathways of actions for industries which can be included with workshop pricing, allowing access to ready-to-go net zero strategies for hundreds of businesses.

Alternatively, we can build custom pathways just for your organisation or audience. For example, we have developed a route to Net Zero specially for Campsites.

We can also offer reporting on actions taken by businesses, and track carbon under management metrics.
Any business on Hero has a publicly visible progress page, offering full transparency on their sustainability progress.

Small99 Accreditation

As part of all workshops, attendees receive accreditation and proof of attendance from Small99.

Action speaks louder than words, so rather than commitments or pledges, Small99 accreditations reflect the first steps that any business has taken on their sustainability journey.

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Workshops work best when there is ongoing checking. After the initial “burst” of understanding and planning, it’s’ important to ensure businesses are following through on the action plans they have developed.

Mentoring allows us to check in every 2 or 3 months with cohorts to keep them on track and overcome any stumbling blocks they may encounter.


Implementation allows for more hands on support where Small99 can embed within the organisation to help with the day to day actions of Net Zero. This goes above and beyond planning to make sure plans turn into reality.

Strategic Financial Plans

Business support on how to financially benefit from the Net Zero transition, from implementation to new business models.

For some businesses implementing sustainability will require significant investment. Our strategy offering provides tailored access from net zero financial planners who help with financial implications of action.

Bid Support

If you’re bidding for funds to run engagement workshops, we can support you through the process and provide documentation to make your application easier.

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Measure your business’s impact

Answer a few questions and get an estimated carbon footprint of your business in 2 minutes.

Take action with Hero

Join our Hero platform to get a free and simple Carbon Reduction Plan for your small business so you can start acting in less than 10 minutes.